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Published on December 22nd, 2017 | by Allegra Swanson

Your 64: Holiday Edition

Your 64 – a weekly roundup of beer stories and news outside Ontario to inspire you for the 64 hours from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am (usually!) – by Allegra Swanson.

As someone who’s a huge fan of the craft beer industry in Ontario, I have some beer education (shout out to Prud’homme L1!) and two paper certificates crowning me the beer mile champion (2016, 2017, nbd) but lack a role in the industry or how to properly explain the subtle terroir of the hops making up your IPA.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

Copenhagen’s Coolest Bar Is Pouring Beer From Plastic Bags

Not just click bait, folks! Arguably one of Copenhagen’s most famous bars, their lambic-heavy selection is often poured from, believe it or not, plastic bags in cardboard boxes.

(Also does this not look like the most cozy, time-forgotten place you’ve ever seen?)


Why Brewers Love Brett and Winemakers Fear it

If the word brettanomyces showed up on my grade 8 spelling bee I would be HELLA screwed. Also, try saying it 5 times fast.

But seriously, did you know that “the Court of Master Sommeliers classifies Brettanomyces as a wine fault in its deductive tasting format, right next to dreaded wine-killer TCA, or cork taint.” Read on, my Brett-loving beer friends.


This Agency Just Made a Beer to Specifically Drink in the Shower

One of the best beers you can have is an ice cold beer in the shower as you prep for a night out. Cans are safest (who wants broken glass in the shower?) so I don’t see a bright future for this agency BUT kudos on the excellent marketing.

Also please click through and read this article because the founder is a gem and said this: “We do a lot of sauna bathing in Sweden, and most of the time we drink beer while doing it.”


VinePair’s 10 Best Taprooms & Brew Pubs in 2017

So I’ve never been to Nantucket, and I can’t eat shellfish, but Cisco Brewers sounds like total perfection.

With a wine bar and distillery also on site, apparently you can hear waves crashing in the background. Um, hello perfection.


Taco Bell Unleashes its Own Mexican-Style Beer

Lol yep, you read that right. If you weren’t already planning on waking up the morning after eating Taco Bell and feeling like you have a stomach bug, why not also add a hangover?

Let’s just all imagine how often the high school kids from across town are going to clean those draft lines.


Look at this: just when you thought that we were finished with gift guides NOPE: you almost missed this incredible “CigarzUp” stocking stuffer

Make this: Beernog. Get over hating it. Your mom will love it.

Listen to this: this indigenous take on ahead by a century by the jerry cans is incredible

Cheers to Your 64! Well, friends – this marks the last 64 of the year. It’s been such a fun 6 months with the OBN community, sharing all the wildly unimportant news in the beer world that I know you’re all dying to know.

I wish you all the best over the next week and while yes, I send tidings of comfort and joy, I especially send tastings of rare and fabulous beer. I just packed up a 12 of various delights to enjoy with my pseudo brother in law who’s the top beer connoisseur I know. My new year’s resolution? Log every beer in Untappd. Oh, and naturally push all check ins to Twitter, amirite? Merry/happy to all. Cheers!


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