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Published on December 11th, 2017 | by Allegra Swanson

Your 64: Giant Holiday Gift Guide Edition

‘Tis the season of spending money on things no one really needs; from secret santa to buying that mandatory gift for your parent/sibling/significant other, we’re all spending money left, right, and centre throughout December. Why not make your shopping more entertaining by buying fun, unique, and sometimes splurge-worthy beer gifts?

I present the official 2017 YOUR 64 Gift Guide. From aunts to friends, coworkers to annoying cling-ons, we’ve got you covered. And while you’re at it, make sure you keep the most important person in mind while shopping (yourself, obvs) and enter “Quantity: 2” at check-out.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

The Official Your 64 Gift Guide

Beeropoly – $44

For your aunt who took that brewery tour that one time and is now a craft beer connoisseur.

– She loves beer now, didn’t you know? The hoppier the better! But she also enjoys a good games night because let’s not get too crazy, kids.


Sling Beverage Cooler – $27

For your RPG-obsessed sibling who goes out to a party every now and again.

– Want to feel like a ninja AND keep your hands warm? Carrying a 6-pack of beer is for rookies. Help your slightly lazy yet discerning family member get good craft beer to a party in style.


Make Your Own Mustard Kit – $25

For that guy in marketing who rolls his eyes at the office summer barbecue  $25

– Let “Cal” from marketing feel he’s reached his creative potential by giving him this mustard kit. If you really feel like sucking up, add in some shaved truffles. (Best mustard I’ve ever had.)


BeerAdvocate Magazine – $50

For that friend who doesn’t work in the beer industry but is a voyeur and wants to know all the goings on (AHEM) .

– I’ve clearly missed the memo on value in writing; apparently no one’s buying our cow over here as we’re giving away the milk for free. Take a page out of Beer Advocate’s magazine and enjoy their content that you’ve paid for… because you bought me a subscription (thanks in advance).


Yeti Hopper Flip 8 – $199

For, well, you.

– This stunner is too nice to waste on your significant other or boss or someone else you want to know you love them because you spent $199 on them for a fancy AF coaster. You need to buy this beauty for yourself.


HydroFlask SS Growler

– $65

For that friend who lives in Quebec and can act as your Dieu du Ciel mule.

– Okay, so maybe open alcohol in your car AND taking it across provincial lines is slightly illegal… but really, the fee I would pay for someone to cart fresh beer for me from foreign lands is high.


Beer IQ Party Game – $25

For that beer writer friend who claims they know more than you.

– Bring this out at your next bottle share and finally publicly shame that one blowhard who endlessly corrects everyone’s pronunciation of “Gose.”


Mini Beer Pong Travel Set – $44

For that friend from university who shows up unannounced with a 36 pack of Coors Light.

– Or buy this and use tequila for your next poolside vacay.


BottleLoft Magnetic Strips – $48

For your significant other who claims “there’s no more room in the fridge for beer, stop collecting”.

– This is freaking genius and I need it immediately. Also I need a bigger fridge, but that’s besides the point.


Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People (Book) – $12

For that friend who’s a new parent and misses their old life.

– Go the F*ck to Sleep is so 2016.

Santa’s Stocking Flask – $20

For that gluten intolerant friend who is constantly annoyed by your beer talk and JUST WANTS A GLASS OF ROSE FFS .

– Yes, even these people in your life are worthy of gifts. Drink on the go or by the fire with this gift that is only slightly classier than drinking straight from the bag in a box of wine.

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