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Frequent asked questions about Ontario’s beverage alcohol industry.

+ What defines a microbrewery in Ontario?
A microbrewery’s maximum worldwide annual production is 50,000 hectolitres (hl) as defined by the Ontario Ministry of Finance.
+ What defines craft brewery in Ontario?
A craft brewer is defined by the Ontario Craft Brewers, a provincial association, stating that an Ontario Craft Brewer produces no more than 400,000 hectolitres (hl) annually worldwide. It further stipulates they must be locally-owned and use no added chemicals, fillers or preservatives.
The Ontario Craft Brewers is a membership-based association.
+ What does OBN consider to be a brewery?
Any licensed facility with a physical brewhouse that produces its own beer onsite, despite size.
+ What is a Contract Brewer?
A company that contracts another bricks-and-mortar brewery to brew their beer. The company would have their own Ontario brewers manufacturing license.
+ How many breweries are in Ontario?
There are more than 225 brick-and-mortar breweries and more than 70 contract brewers in Ontario. View all: Ontario Brewers Directory
+ Where can I purchase beer in Ontario to take home?
Beer can be purchased at breweeries, LCBO and participating grocery stores.
+ Where can I purchase cider in Ontario to take home?
Cider can can be purchased at Cideries, LCBO, participating grocery stores, and participating farmers markets.
+ What is the beer alcohol content classification in Ontario?
1.1 to 2.5% – Extra Light Beer
2.6 to 4.0% – Light Beer
4.1 to 5.5% – Beer
5.6 to 8.5% – Strong Beer
8.6+% – Extra Strong Beer

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

+ What is a legal pint size in Canada?
A pint contains 20 fl oz  or 568 ml in Canada. The limit of error for 20 fl oz is 0.5 fl oz (the foam (head) is not included in the measurement). When a quantity other than a pint is advertised, the quantity served must be must be equal to the stated quantity within the limit of error.

Industry Canada

+ What is a hectolitre (hl)?
A hectolitre is a standard of measurement used for beer Canada. 1 hectolitre = 100 litres.
1 hectolitre is equivalent to 0.85 US bbl.
+ What is a Contract Distiller?
A company that does not distill its own spirits on site (ie. does not possess a still). They may purchase Neutral Grain Spirits and then filter, modify and package on site..

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