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BreweryCityFood AvailableRetail StoreTap RoomGrowler Fills AvailableTours AvailableAvailable at LCBOYear of Opening
20 Valley BrewerySt. Catharines------2015
5 Paddles Brewing Co.Whitby-YY-Y-2013
Abe Erb Brewery & RestaurantWaterlooYYYY--2014
All or Nothing BrewhouseOakville-Y---Y2014
Amber BreweryMarkham------2012
Amsterdam BrewHouseTorontoYYYYYY2013
Amsterdam Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY1986
Arch Brewing Co.Newmarket-YY-YY2014
Ashton Brewing Co.BeckwithYYYYY-2012
Bancroft Brewing Co.BancroftYYY---2015
Banded Goose Brewing Co.KingsvilleYYY---2014
Bandit BreweryTorontoYYY---2016
Barley Days BreweryPicton-YY-YY2007
Barncat Artisan AlesCambridge-YYY--2016
Barnstormer Brewing Co.BarrieYYYY-Y2013
Bayside Brewing Co.Erieau-YYYYY2012
Beau's All Natural Brewing Co.Vankleek HillYYYYYY2006
Bell City Brewing Co.Brantford-YYYYY2013
Bellwoods BreweryTorontoYYY---2012
Belmont Lake BreweryHavelock-YY---2016
Bench Brewing Co.Beamsville------2016
Bentley BrewersOttawa------2015
Beyond the Pale Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYYYY2012
Bicycle Craft BreweryOttawa-YYY-Y2014
Big Rig Brewery & TaproomKanata-YYY-Y2014
Big Rig Kitchen & BreweryOttawaYYYYYY2012
Black Creek Historic BreweryToronto-Y-YYY2009
Black Oak Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YY1999
Black Swan Brewing Co.Stratford-YYY--2014
Block Three Brewing Co.St. Jacobs-YYYYY2013
Blood Brothers Brewing Co.Toronto-YY---2015
Blue Elephant Craft Brew HouseSimcoeYYYYY-2012
Boshkung Brewing Co.Minden-YYY-Y2014
Brew WindsorWindsorYYY-Y-2014
Brick Brewing Co.Waterloo-YY--Y1984
Brimstone Brewing Co.RidgewayYYY--Y2013
Broadhead Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYYYY2011
Brock St Brewing Co.Whitby-YYY-Y2015
Broken Stick Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYY--2014
Brothers Brewing Co.Guelph------2014
Burdock Brewing Co.TorontoYYY---2015
Calabogie Brewing Co.Calabogie-YY---2015
Caledon Hills Brewing Co.Caledon------2015
Cameron's Brewing Co.Oakville-Y-YYY1997
Cartwright Springs BreweryPakenham-YYY--2015
Cassel BreweryCasselman-YYY-Y2012
Cecils Brewhouse & KitchenNorth BayY-Y---2015
Ceeps BrewpubLondon--Y----
Cheetah International BrewersToronto------2004
Church-Key Brewing Co.Cambellford-YYYYY2000
Clock Tower BrewpubOttawaYYY-Y-1996
Coalition BrewersToronto------2016
Collective Arts Brewing Co.Hamilton-YYYYY2013
Collingwood Brewery, TheCollingwood-YY--Y2014
Cool Beer Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YY1997
County Canteen, ThePictonY-Y---2016
County Road BeerWellingtonYYYY--2015
Covered Bridge Brewing Co.Stittsville-YYY--2013
Craft Heads Brewing Co.Windsor-YYY--2015
Dawson Trail Craft BreweryThunder Bay-YYY--2016
Descendants Beer & BeverageKitchenerYYYYYY2014
Dog & Pony BrewlabOttawaY-Y---2016
Dominion City Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYY-Y2014
Duggan's BreweryTorontoYYYY-Y2009
Durham Brewing Co.Pickering-YY-YY1996
Elora Brewing Co.EloraYYY---2015
Etienne Brule BreweryEmbrun-YY---2016
Evergreen Craft AlesOttawa-Y----2016
Exchange Brewery, TheNiagara-on-the-Lake-YY---2015
Flying Monkeys Craft BreweryBarrie-YY-YY2004
Folly BrewpubTorontoYYY-Y-2015
Forked River Brewing Co.London-YYYYY2013
Four Fathers Brewing Co.Rockwood------2016
Frank Brewing Co.TecumsehYYY---2015
Gananoque Brewing Co.Gananoque-YYYYY2011
Grand River Brewing Co.Cambridge-YYYYY2007
Granite BreweryTorontoYYYY-Y1991
Great Lakes BreweryToronto-YYYYY1987
Half Hours on Earth BrewerySeaforth-YY---2016
Haliburton Highlands Brewing Co.Haliburton-YYY--2014
Halo BreweryToronto-YY---2016
Henderson Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYY-2015
Highlander Brew Co.South River-YY-YY2009
Hockley Valley Brewing Co.Orangeville-Y--YY2002
Hop City Brewing Co.Brampton-----Y2009
House AlesTorontoY-Y---2010
Indie Alehouse Brewing Co.TorontoYYYY--2012
Innocente Brewing Co.Waterloo-YYY-Y2014
Junction Craft Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY2012
Kame & Kettle Beer WorksFonthill-YY---2015
Kichesippi Beer Co.Ottawa-YYYYY2010
Kilannan Brewing Co.Owen Sound-YYYYY2013
Kingston Brewing Co.KingstonY-Y---1986
Lake of Bays Brewing Co.Baysville-YYYYY2010
Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.KenoraYYYY-Y2013
Lake on the Mountain Brewing Co.Prince Edward--Y---2007
Lansdowne BreweryTorontoY-Y---2015
Last Castle Brewing Co.Port StanleyY-Y---2016
Left Field BreweryToronto-YY-YY2013
Lion Brewery RestaurantWaterlooY-Y---1986
London Brewing Co-OperativeLondon-Y----2014
Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co.Colchester------2015
Louis Cifer Brew WorksTorontoYYYY--2014
Lowertown BreweryOttawaYYY---2014
MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.Bath-YYY-Y2014
MacLean's AlesHanover-YYYYY2009
Magnotta BreweryVaughan-Y--Y-1997
Manantler Craft Brewing Co.Bowmanville-YY---2015
Manitoulin Brewing Co.Little Current-----Y2015
Mascot BreweryTorontoY-Y---2015
Mash Paddle Brewing Co.Brantford-Y----2015
Merchant Ale HouseSt. CatharinesY-Y---1999
Midian Brewing Co.Windsor------2016
Motor Craft AlesWindsorYYY---2012
Muddy York Brewing Co.Toronto-YY---2015
Muskoka BreweryBracebridge-YYYYY1996
Napanee Beer Co., TheNapanee-Y----2016
Neustadt Springs BreweryNeustadt-YY-YY1997
New Limburg Brewing Co.Nixon-YY---2015
New Ontario Brewing Co.North Bay-YYY--2015
Niagara Brewing Co.Niagara Falls-YY--Y2014
Niagara College Teaching BreweryNiagara-on-the-Lake-YYY-Y2011
Niagara Oast House BrewersNiagara-on-the-LakeYYYYYY2012
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Burlington-YY-YY2005
Nita BeerOttawa-YY---2015
Northern Superior Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie-YYY--2016
Northumberland Hills BreweryCobourg-YY---2014
Northwinds Brew HouseCollingwoodYYY---2013
O-Fresh BrewerySimcoeY-Y---2015
Old Credit Brewing Co.Mississauga-Y--YY1994
Old Flame Brewing Co.Port PerryYYYYYY2014
Olde Stone Brewing Co., ThePeterboroughY-Y---1996
Orange Snail Brewing Co.Milton-YYY--2015
Outlaw BrewSouthhamptonYYYYYY2014
Outspoken Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie-YY---2014
Parsons Brewing Co.Picton------2016
Pepperwood Bistro & Brew HouseBurlingtonY-Y---2000
Perth Brewing Co.Perth-YY--Y2013
Plan B Beer WorksSt. Catharines-YY---2016
Practically Irish Brewing Co.Pickering------2014
Publican House BreweryPeterborough-YYY-Y2008
Railway City Brewing Co.St. Thomas-YYYYY2008
Rainhard Brewing Co.Toronto-YYY--2015
Ramblin Road Brewery FarmLa Salette-YY-Y-2012
Redline BrewhouseBarrieYYY--Y2015
Refined Fool Brewing Co.Sarnia-YYY-Y2014
Royal City Brewing Co.Guelph-YYYYY2014
Rurban Brewing Co.Cornwall-YY---2015
Sawdust City Brewing Co.GravenhurstYYYY-Y2011
Second Wedge Brewing Co.Uxbridge-YYYY-2015
Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.Dundas-YY-Y-2016
Side Launch Brewing Co.Collingwood-YY-YY2014
Silversmith Brewing Co.Niagara-on-the-LakeYYYYY-2012
Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.Thunder Bay-YYYYY2012
Smithavens Brewing Co.Peterborough-YYYYY2014
Split Rail Brewing Co.Gore Bay-YY---2015
Square Timber Brewing Co.Pembroke-YYYY-2014
Stack Brewing Co.Sudbury-YYY-Y2013
Stalwart Brewing Co.Ottawa-YY---2015
Steam Whistle BreweryToronto-YYYYY2000
Stone City AlesKingstonYYYY--2014
Stone House Brewing Co.Varna-YY-Y-2016
StoneHammer Brewing Co.Guelph-YY-YY1995
Stratford Brewing Co.Stratford-----Y2004
Strathroy Brewing Co.Strathroy-Y----2014
Syndicate Restaurant & BreweryNiagara FallsYYYY-Y2010
Taps Brewhouse & GrillNiagara FallsY-Y-YY2004
Thornbury BeverageThornbury-YY--Y2002
Tobermory Brewing Co. & GrillTobermoryYYYY--2015
Toboggan Brewing Co.LondonYYYY-Y2015
Tooth and Nail Brewing Co.OttawaYYY---2015
Tracks BrewpubBramptonY-Y---1986
Trafalgar Brewing Co.Oakville-YY--Y1994
Tuque de Broue BreweryEmbrun-Y---Y2015
TWB Brewing Co. Co-opKitchener-YYY--2016
Union Jack Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie-YYY--2015
Walkerville BreweryWindsor-YYYYY2012
Waller St. Brewing Co.Ottawa-YY---2015
Waterloo Brewing Co.Waterloo-YY--Y-
Wellington BreweryGuelph-YY-YY1985
Whiprsnapr Brewing Co.Ottawa-YY--Y2014
Whitewater Brewing Co.Foresters Falls-YYYYY2013
Wild Card Brewing Co.Trenton-YY---2015
William Street BeerCobourg-YYY--2014

Contract Brewers

Contract BrewerAvailable at LCBOYear of Opening
4 Degrees Brewing Co.-2016
Ace Hill Beer-2016
Beer Lab London-2014
Black Bellows Brewing Co.Y2016
Black Donnellys Brewing Co.-2015
Bobcaygeon Brewing Co.-2015
Brown Van Brewing Co.-2016
Brux House-2014
Bush Pilot Brewing Co.Y2013
C'est What?-1988
Cheshire Valley Brewing Co.-2010
Clifford Brewing Co.-2015
Cowbell Brewing Co.*Y2016
Crazy Beard AleY2015
Double Trouble Brewing Co.Y2012
Draught Dodger Brewery-2015
Falcon Brewing Co.*-2013
Garden Brewers-2014
Gongshow Beauty Beer-2014
Griffin GastropubY2013
Hamilton Brewery, TheY2014
High Park Brewery-2015
High Road Brewing Co.-2015
HogsBack Brewing Co.Y2010
Hogtown BrewersY2012
Horseshoe Valley Brewing Co.-2016
Kensington Brewing Co.*Y2011
Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.*-2015
Lakefield Brewing Co.-2015
Liberty Village Brewing Co.Y2013
Longslice Brewing Co.Y2014
Lost Craft BeerY2015
Midland Beer WorksY-
Old Tomorrow BeerY2014
Ontario Beer Co.Y2013
Pitschfork Brewing Co.-2015
Radical Road Brewing Co.*Y2013
Rhythm & Brews Brewing Co.-2016
Saint Andre Brewing Co.-1999
Sextant Craft Brewery-2015
Shacklands Brewery*-2013
Shillow Beer Co.Y2014
Skeena Brewing Co.Y2014
Skeleton Park Brewery-2016
Snowman Brewing Co.-2012
Southpaw BeverageY2016
Spearhead Brewing Co.Y2011
Sweetgrass Brewing Co.Y2013
Triple Bogey Brewing Co.Y2013
Wasaga Beach Brewing Co.Y2016
Weather Brewery, The-2015
Woodhouse Brewing Co.Y2014
*Brewery is currently constructing physical location.

Planned Brewers

Planned BrewerCityFood AvailableRetail StoreTap Room
555 Brewing Co.Picton---
Abe Erb Brewery & Restaurant 2.0Kitchener---
Anderson Craft AlesLondon---
Apsley Brewing Co.Apsley---
Bar Hop BrewcoTorontoY--
Beach House Brewing Co.Wasaga Beach---
Bell Tower Craft BreweryMeaford---
Bellwoods Brewery - DupontToronto---
Bellwoods Brewery - HafisToronto---
Big Escarpment BreweryGrimsby---
Big Rideau Brewing Co. Ottawa---
Big Rock BreweryToronto---
Big Rock BrewpubTorontoY--
Bitte Schon BrauhausNew Hamburg---
Border Town Brewing Co.Amherstburg---
Brunswick BierworksToronto---
Burnstown Brewing Co.Burnstown---
Charlotteville Brewing Co.Charlotteville---
Compass Brewing Co.Timmins---
Crooked Mile Brewing Co.Almonte---
Danforth BreweryToronto---
Dundas and Sons Brewing Co.London---
EastEnd Brewing Co.Toronto---
Effingham Brewing Co.Niagara---
Fairweather Brewing Co.Hamilton---
Fellow Craft Brewing Co.Kingsville---
Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.Fenelon Falls---
Fronterra Farm BreweryPrince Edward---
Full Beard Brewing Co.Timmins---
Godspeed BreweryToronto---
Golden Triangle Craft Brewing Co.Ottawa---
Grand Bend Brewing Co.Grand Bend---
Humble Beginnings Brewing Co.Stormont---
Junction Craft Brewing Co. 2.0Toronto---
Kairosene Brewing Co.Ottawa---
Kings Eddy's Craft BreweryPicton---
Little Beasts Brewing Co. Whitby---
Lock Street Brewing Co.Port Dalhousie---
Lost Parrot BreweryPenetanguishene---
Malt Aroma BreweryToronto---
Market Brewing Co.NewmarketY-Y
Meyers Creek Brewing Co.Belleville---
MidTown Brewing Co.WellingtonY--
Motor Craft Ales 2.0Windsor---
Norse BreweryParry Sound---
North Shore Brewing Co.Port Stanley---
OVinshaws BrewpubLaSalleY-Y
Peacemaker Brewing Co.Aurora---
People's Pint Brewing CollectiveToronto---
Pine River Brewing Co.Shelburne---
Pint Pursuits Brewing Co.St. Thomas---
Prince Edward County Brewing Co.Picton---
Purple Skull Brewing Co.Mattawa---
Red Thread Brewing Co.Toronto---
Rideau Valley BreweryOttawa---
Rouge River Brewing Co.Markham---
Rust City BreweryHamilton---
Rusty Shank BreweryToronto---
Sandwich Brewing Co.Windsor---
Shade Tree Brewing Co.Strathroy---
Signal Brewing Co.Corbyville---
Sons of Kent Brewing Co.Chatham---
Square Peg Brewing Co.Toronto---
Steel Town Brewing Co.Hamilton---
Stray Dog Brewing Co.Orleans---
Third Coast Brewing Co. Ajax---
Toothless Donkey Brewing Co.Ottawa---
Toronto Brewing Co.Toronto---
Trestle Brewing Co.Perry Sound---
Trunk Brewing Co. Toronto---
Upper Thames Brewing Co.Woodstock---
West End Brew Co.Toronto---
White Caps Brewing Co.Collingwood---
Windmill BreweryJohnstown---
WT BrewCoCambridge---
Note: If referencing our data, a referrer and link are appreciated.


2015: Turtle Island Brewing Co. dissolved [Ottawa]
2015: King Brewery rebranded as Thornbury Beverage Co. [Nobleton]
2015: Gateway Brewing Co. rebranded as Wild Card Brewing Co. [Trenton]
2015: Stock Pot Ales rebranded as Stalwart Brewing Co. [Ottawa]
2015: Beer Academy [Toronto] Closed
2014: Denison's Brewing Co. [Toronto] merger with Side Launchg Brewing Co. [Collingwood)
2003: Kawartha Lakes Brewing [Kawartha Lakes] merged with Amsterdam Brewing Co. [Toronto]

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