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Ontario's most current and comprehensive listing of independent breweries.

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BreweryCityHas Kitchen/FoodRetail StoreTap RoomGrowler Fills AvailableAvailable at LCBOAvailable at The Beer StoreOnline Order AvailableYear of Opening
5 Paddles Brewing Co.Whitby-YY-Y--2013
555 Brewing Co.PictonYYYY---2017
Abe Erb Brewery & Restaurant - KitchenerKitchenerYYY-YY-2016
Abe Erb Brewery & Restaurant - WaterlooWaterlooYYYYYY-2014
All or Nothing BrewhouseOakville-YY-YY-2014
Amber BreweryMarkham------Y2012
Amsterdam BrewHouseTorontoYYYYY--2013
Amsterdam Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY-1986
Anderson Craft AlesLondon-YYYY--2016
Arch Brewing Co.Newmarket-YYYYY-2014
Ashton Brewing Co.BeckwithYYYY---2012
Bad Apple Brewing Co.Bayfield-YYY---2016
Bancroft Brewing Co.BancroftYYYY---2015
Banded Goose Brewing Co.KingsvilleYYY----2014
Bandit BreweryTorontoYYY----2016
Bar Hop Brew Co.TorontoY-Y----2017
Barley Days BreweryPicton-YYYY-Y2007
Barncat Artisan AlesCambridge-YYY---2016
Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co.BarrieYYYYYY-2013
Bayside Brewing Co.Erieau-YYYY--2012
Beau's Brewing Co.Vankleek Hill-YYYYYY2006
Bell City Brewing Co.Brantford-YYYYY-2013
Bellwoods Brewery - HafisToronto-YY----2016
Bellwoods Brewery - OssingtonTorontoYYY----2012
Belmont Lake BreweryHavelock-YYY---2016
Beyond the Pale Brewing Co.Ottawa-Y-YY--2012
Bicycle Craft BreweryOttawa-YYYY--2014
Big Rig Brewery & TaproomKanataYYYYYY-2014
Big Rig Kitchen & BreweryOttawaYYYYYY-2012
Big Rock BreweryToronto-YYYY--2016
Bitte Schon BrauhausNew Hamburg-YYY---2016
Black Creek Historic BreweryToronto-YYYYY-2009
Black Oak Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YY-1999
Black Swan Brewing Co.Stratford-YYY---2014
Block Three Brewing Co.St Jacobs-YYYYY-2013
Blood Brothers Brewing Co.Toronto-YY----2015
Blue Elephant Craft Brew HouseSimcoeYYYY---2012
Boshkung Brewing Co.Minden HillsYYYYYY-2014
Brew MicrobreweryWindsorYYYY---2014
Brimstone Brewing Co.RidgewayYYYYY--2013
Broadhead Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYYYY-2011
Brock Street Brewing Co.Whitby-YYYYY-2015
Broken Stick Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYY---2014
Brunswick BierworksToronto-------2016
Burdock Brewing Co.TorontoYYY----2015
Calabogie Brewing Co.Calabogie-YY-Y--2015
Caledon Hills Brewing Co.Palgrave-Y-----2015
Cameron's Brewing Co.Oakville-Y-YYY-1997
Cartwright Springs BreweryPakenham-YYY---2015
Cassel BreweryCasselman-YYYY--2012
Cecils Brewhouse & KitchenNorth BayY-Y----2015
Ceeps Brewpub, TheLondonY-Y----1991
Church-Key Brewing Co.Campbellford-YYYY--2000
Clock Tower BrewpubOttawaYYYYYY-1996
Collective Arts Brewing Co.Hamilton-YYYYYY2013
Collingwood Brewery, TheCollingwood-YY-YY-2014
Common Good Beer Co.Toronto-YYYY--2016
Cool Beer Brewing Co.Toronto-YY-YYY1997
Copperworks Brew Pub & RestaurantBowmanvilleY-Y----2016
County Canteen, ThePictonY-Y----2016
County Road Beer Co.WellingtonYYYY--Y2015
Covered Bridge Brewing Co.Stittsville-YYYY--2013
Craft Heads Brewing Co.WindsorYYYY---2015
Crooked Mile Brewing Co.Almonte-YYY---2016
Dawson Trail Craft BreweryThunder Bay-YYY---2016
Descendants Beer & Beverage Co.KitchenerYYYYY--2014
Dog & Pony BrewlabOttawaY-Y----2016
Dominion City Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYYY--2014
Duggan's Brewery ParkdaleTorontoYYYYY--2009
Durham Brewing Co.Pickering-YY-YY-1996
Eastbound Brewing Co.Toronto--Y----2017
Elora Brewing Co.EloraYYYYY--2015
Etienne Brule BreweryEmbrunYYY----2016
Evergreen Craft AlesOttawa-Y-----2016
Exchange Brewery, TheNiagara-on-the-Lake-YYY---2015
Falcon Brewing Co.Ajax-YYYYY-2013
Flying Monkeys Craft BreweryBarrie-YY-YY-2004
Folly BrewpubTorontoYYY----2015
Forked River Brewing Co.London-YYYYY-2013
Four Fathers Brewing Co.Rockwood----YY-2016
FRANK Brewing Co.TecumsehYYY----2015
Full Beard Brewing Co.Timmins-YYY---2017
Gananoque Brewing Co.Gananoque-YYYYY-2011
Gold Crown BreweryWaterloo-Y-----1995
Grand River Brewing Co.Cambridge-YYYYY-2007
Granite Brewery & Tied House, TheTorontoYYYYY--1991
Great Lakes BreweryToronto-YYYYY-1987
Half Hours on Earth BrewerySeaforth-YYY--Y2016
Haliburton Highlands Brewing Co.Haliburton-YYYY--2014
Halo BreweryToronto-YYY---2016
Henderson Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY-2015
Highlander Brew Co.South River-YY-YYY2009
Hockley Valley Brewing Co.Orangeville-Y--YY-2002
Hop City Brewing Co.Brampton----YY-2009
Indie Alehouse Brewing Co.TorontoYYYYY--2012
Innocente Brewing Co.Waterloo-YYYYY-2014
Junction Craft Brewing Co.Toronto-YYYYY-2011
Kame & Kettle Beer WorksFonthill-YY----2015
Kichesippi Beer Co.Ottawa-YYYYY-2010
Kilannan Brewing Co.Owen Sound-YYYYY-2013
King's Town Beer Co.Kingston-YYY---2016
Kingston Brewing Co.KingstonY-Y----1986
Lake of Bays Brewing Co.Baysville-YYYYY-2010
Lake of the Woods Brewing Co.KenoraYYYYYY-2013
Lake on the Mountain Brewing Co.Prince Edward-YYY---2007
Lake Wilcox Brewing Co.Vaughan-YYYYY-2015
Lansdowne BreweryTorontoY-Y----2015
Last Castle Brewing Co.Port StanleyY-Y----2016
Laylow Beer Bar & EateryTorontoY-Y----2016
Left Field BreweryToronto-YY-Y--2013
Liberty Commons at Big Rock BreweryTorontoYYYYY--2016
Lion Brewery RestaurantWaterlooY-Y----1987
Lock Street Brewing Co.Saint Catharines-YYYY--2016
London Brewing Co-OperativeLondon-YYY---2014
Lonsbery Farms Brewing Co.McGregor-YY----2017
Louis Cifer Brew WorksTorontoYYYY---2014
Lowertown BreweryOttawaYYY----2014
MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co.Bath-YYYY--2014
MacLean's AlesHanover-YYYYY-2009
Magnotta BreweryVaughan-YYYYY-1996
Manantler Craft Brewing Co.Bowmanville-YY----2015
Market Brewing Co.Newmarket-------2017
Mash Paddle Brewing Co.Brantford-YY----2015
Merchant Ale HouseSt CatharinesY-Y----1999
Midian Brewing Co.Windsor-Y-----2016
Motor Craft AlesWindsorYYY----2012
Muddy York Brewing Co.Toronto-YYY---2015
Muskoka BreweryBracebridge-YYYYY-1996
Napanee Beer Co., TheNapanee-YYYY--2016
Neustadt Springs BreweryNeustadt-YY-YY-1997
New Limburg Brewing Co.Simcoe?YYYYY--2015
New Ontario Brewing Co.North Bay-YYY-Y-2015
Niagara Brewing Co.Niagara FallsYYYYY--2014
Niagara College Teaching BreweryNiagara-on-the-Lake-YYY---2010
Niagara Oast House BrewersNiagara-on-the-LakeYYYYY--2012
Nickel Brook Brewing Co. Burlington-YYYYY-2005
Nita Beer Co.Ottawa-YYYYY-2015
Norse BreweryNobel-YY----2016
Northern Superior Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie-YYY---2016
Northumberland Hills BreweryCobourg-YYY---2014
Northwinds Brewhouse & KitchenCollingwoodYYYY---2013
Old Credit Brewing Co.Mississauga-Y--Y--1994
Old Flame Brewing Co.Port PerryYYYYY--2014
Olde Stone Brewing Co.PeterboroughY-Y----1996
Orange Snail BrewersMilton-YYYY--2015
Outlaw Brew Co.SouthhamptonYYYYYY-2014
Outspoken Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie-YYY---2014
Parsons Brewing Co.PictonYYYY---2016
Pepperwood Bistro & Brew HouseBurlingtonY-Y----2000
Perth Brewing Co.Perth-YY-YY-2013
Plan B Beer WorksSt Catharines-YY----2016
Presquile Craft BreweryBrighton-YY----2016
Publican House BreweryPeterborough-YYYYY-2008
Radical Road Brewing Co.TorontoYYY-YY-2013
Railway City Brewing Co.St Thomas-YYYYY-2008
Rainhard Brewing Co.Toronto-YYY---2015
Ramblin Road Brewery FarmLa Salette-YYY---2012
Redline BrewhouseBarrieYYY-YY-2015
Refined Fool Brewing Co.SarniaYYYYYY-2014
Rorschach Brewing Co.TorontoYYYY---2017
Rouge River Brewing Co.Markham-YY----2016
Royal City Brewing Co.Guelph-YYYYY-2014
Rurban Brewing Co.Cornwall-YY----2015
Sawdust City Brewing Co.GravenhurstYYYYYY-2011
Second Wedge Brewing Co.Uxbridge-YYY---2015
Shacklands Brewing Co.Toronto-YY----2013
Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.Dundas-YYYYY-2016
Shire Restaurant & Brewpub, TheSimcoeY-Y----2015
Side Launch Brewing Co.Collingwood-YYYYY-2014
Silversmith Brewing Co.Niagara-on-the-LakeYYYYY--2012
Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.Thunder Bay-YYYYY-2012
Smithavens Brewing Co.Peterborough-YYYYY-2014
Split Rail Brewing Co.Gore Bay-YY----2015
Square Timber Brewing Co.Pembroke-YYY---2014
Stack Brewing Co.Sudbury-YYYYY-2013
Stalwart Brewing Co.Ottawa-YY----2015
Steam Whistle BreweryToronto-YYYYY-2000
Stone City AlesKingstonYYYY---2014
Stone House Brewing Co.Varna-YYY---2016
StoneHammer Brewing Co.Guelph-YY-YY-1995
Strange Brewing Co., TheHillier-------2016
Stratford Brewing Co.Stratford----Y--2004
Strathroy Brewing Co.Strathroy-Y---Y-2014
Syndicate Restaurant & BreweryNiagara FallsYYYYY--2010
Taps Brewing Co.Niagara FallsY-Y-YY-2004
Thornbury Village Brewery & Cider HouseThornbury-YY-YY-2002
Tobermory Brewing Co. & GrillTobermoryYYYY---2015
Toboggan Brewing Co.LondonYYYYY--2015
Tooth and Nail Brewing Co.OttawaYYY----2015
Tracks BrewpubBramptonY-Y----1986
Tuque de Broue BreweryEmbrun-YY-Y--2015
TWB Co-operative BrewingKitchener-YYY---2016
Upper Thames Brewing Co.Woodstock-YYY---2016
Valentino's RestaurantHamiltonY-Y----2012
Walkerville BreweryWindsor-YYYYY-2012
Waller Street Brewing Co.Ottawa-YYY---2015
Waterloo Brewing Co.Kitchener-YYYYY-1984
Wellington BreweryGuelph-YYYYY-1985
Whiprsnapr Brewing Co.Ottawa-YY-YY-2014
Whitewater Brewing Co. - LakesideCobdenYYYYYY-2016
Whitewater Brewing Co. - RiversideForesters FallsYYYYYY-2013
Wild Card Brewing Co.Trenton-YYY---2015
William Street Beer Co.Cobourg-YYY---2014
Windmill BreweryJohnstown-YYY---2016

Contract Brewers, Brands & Labels

Contract BrewerAvailable at LCBOAvailable at The Beer StoreBuilding Physical LocationYear of Opening
4 Degrees Brewing Co.--Y2016
Ace Hill BeerYY-2016
Alias Brewing Co.---2017
B-Side BrewingY--2013
Bamboo Beer---2013
Bayfield Brewing Co.--Y2017
Beaches Brewing Co.---2017
Beer Lab London---2014
Bench Brewing Co.Y-Y2016
Black Bellows Brewing Co.Y--2016
Black Donnellys Brewing Co.---2015
Bobcaygeon Brewing Co.YY-2015
Brothers Brewing Co.--Y2014
Brown Van Brewing Co.Y--2016
Bush Pilot Brewing Co.Y--2013
C'est What?---1988
Cheetah International Brewers---2004
Cheshire Valley Brewing Co.---2010
Clifford Brewing CoY-Y2015
County Brewing Co.Y--2017
Cowbell Brewing Co.Y-Y2016
Danforth Brewery---2016
Double Trouble Brewing Co.YY-2012
Draught Dodger Brewery---2015
GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.--Y2017
Griffin Pub & Events Co., TheY--2013
Hamilton Brewery, TheY--2014
High Park BreweryY--2015
High Road Brewing Co.---2015
HogsBack Brewing Co.YY-2010
Hogtown BrewersY--2012
Homer's BreweryY--2016
Hometown Brew Co.---2016
Horseshoe Valley Brewing Co.Y--2016
Iconic Brewing Co.Y--2016
Karate Garage Brewers---2017
Katalyst Brewing Co.Y-2016
Kensington Brewing Co.Y-Y2011
King Brewery---2002
Liberty Village Brewing Co.Y--2013
Longslice Brewing Co.Y--2014
Lost Craft BeerY-Y2015
Manitoulin Brewing Co.YYY2015
Mascot Brewery--Y2015
Midland Beer WorksY--
Old Tomorrow BeerY--2014
Ontario Beer Co.Y--2013
Pint Pursuits Brewing Co.Y-Y2016
Pitschfork Brewing Co.---2015
Purple Skull Brewing Co.---2017
Red Thread Brewing Co.---2017
Rhythm & Brews Brewing Co.---2016
Saint Andre Brewing Co.-Y-1999
Shillow Beer Co.Y--2014
Skeena Brewing Co.Y--2014
Skeleton Park BreweryY--2016
Small Pony Barrel Works--Y2016
Southpaw Beverage Co.Y--2016
Spearhead Brewing Co.Y-Y2011
St. Mary Axe-Y-2017
Stray Dog Brewing Co.--Y2016
Sweetgrass Brewing Co.Y--2013
Triple Bogey Brewing Co.Y--2013
Wasaga Beach Brewing Co.Y--2016
Wooden Horse Brewing Co.---2017
Woodhouse Brewing Co.Y--2014

Planned Breweries

Planned BrewerCityPhase
319 Augusta AveToronto1
33 Acres Brewing Co.Toronto1
46 North Brewing Co.Sudbury1
5 West Brew Pub and KitchenBurlington2
Apsley Brewing Co.Apsley1
Badlands Brewing Co.Caledon1
Barnstormer Brewing & Distilling Co. 2.0Midland1
Bayside Brewing Co.Erieau1
Beach House Brewing Co.Wasaga Beach1
Bellwoods Brewery - DupontToronto1
Berlin BreweryKitchener-Waterloo1
Big Rideau Brewing Co. Ottawa1
Big Water Brewing Co.North Bay2
Blue Goose Tavern, TheToronto1
Border Town Brewing Co.Amherstburg1
Boshkung Brewing Co. 2.0Minden2
Breakwall Taphouse & BreweryPort Colborne2
Brock St Brewing Co. 2.0Whitby2
Bromance Brewing Co.Cornwall1
Bunkie Brewing Co., TheOshawa1
Burnstown Brewing Co.Burnstown1
Cedar Canoe Brewing Co.Oshawa1
Charlotteville Brewing Co.Simcoe2
Clear Lake Brewing Co.Torrance2
Coldwater Craft Brewing Co.Coldwater1
Collective Arts - Kensington MarketToronto1
Compass Brewing Co.Timmins2
Concession Road Brewing Co.Caledonia1
Conspiracy Theory Brewing Co.Ottawa3
Cool India Brewing Co.London2
Downtown Windsor Pizza & Beer Co.Windsor2
Dundas and Sons Brewing Co.London1
EastEnd Brewing Co.Toronto2
Effingham Brewing Co.Niagara1
Fairweather Brewing Co.Hamilton3
Fellow Craft Brewing Co.Kingsville1
Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.Fenelon Falls2
Flora Hall Brewing Ottawa2
Fronterra Farm BreweryPrince Edward County3
Furnace Room BreweryGeorgetown2
G-L Heritage Brewing Co.Amherstburg2
Gallicus Artisan BreweryOttawa1
Gas Tank Brewing Co.Mississauga2
George Hamilton Restaurant & BreweryHamilton2
Godspeed BreweryToronto3
Golden Triangle Craft Brewing Co.Ottawa1
Graffiti BrewpubKitchener-Waterloo2
Grain & Grit Beer Co.Hamilton2
Grand Bend Brewing Co.Grand Bend1
Grand Valley BreweryGrand Valley1
Grey Matter Beer Co.Kincardine2
Grove Brew House, TheKingsville2
Half Full Brewing CoOwen Sound1
HeavyG BeerAjax1
Hebrewery Brewing Co.Ottawa1
Hello World BrewingKingston2
Humble Beginnings Brewing Co.Ingleside2
Junction Craft Brewing Co. 2.0Toronto2
Kanoo BrewpubPeterborough2
Kingsville BreweryKingsville1
Kirby Brewing Co.Kirby1
Koochaching Brewing Co.Orillia2
Ledbetter BreweryToronto1
Little Beasts Brewing Co. Whitby2
Malt Aroma BreweryToronto1
MERIT Brewing Co.Hamilton3
Meyers Creek Brewing Co.Belleville2
MidTown Brewing Co.Wellington2
Motor Craft Ales 2.0Windsor2
Mudtown Station BrewpubOwen Sound1
Muskoka Foundry BrewpubBracebridge1
North American CraftToronto1
North Works BrewingCambridge2
Northern Maverick Brewing Co.Toronto2
Northwinds Brewery 2.0Blue Mountain2
Nott Brewing Co.New Tecumseth1
Old Camper Brewing Co.Hamilton1
Orleans BreweryOttawa1
Overflow Brewing Co.Ottawa2
Partake Brewing Co.Toronto2
Peacemaker Brewing Co.Aurora1
People's Pint Brewing CollectiveToronto2
Pine River Brewing Co.Shelburne1
Post-Game Brewing Co.NA1
Prince Eddy's Brewing Co.Picton2
Red Siren Brewing Co.Prince Edward County1
Refined Fool Brewing Co. 2.0Sarnia1
Rideau Valley BreweryOttawa1
Ridge Rock BreweryKingston1
River Road Brewing & HopsBayfield2
Riverhead Brewing Co.Kingston2
Riverside Brewing Co.Windsor2
Rust City BreweryHamilton2
Rusty Shank BreweryToronto1
Rusty Wrench Brewing Co.Strathroy2
Sandwich Brewing Co.Windsor3
Saulter Street Brewing Co.Toronto3
Shakespeare Brewing Co.Shakespeare2
Signal Brewing Co.Corbyville2
Simple Grain Brewery, TheOttawa1
Sir Monty's Brewing Co.Clarington2
Six Brewing Co., TheToronto1
Sons of Kent Brewing Co.Chatham3
Soo Falls Brewing Co.Sault Ste Marie1
Square Brew Goderich2
Steel Town Brewing & Cider Co.Hamilton1
Steel Wheel BreweryBrant County2
Stonehooker Brewing Co.Mississauga2
Third Coast Brewing Co. Ajax1
Third Moon Brewing Co.Mississauga1
Toronto Ale Brewing Co.Toronto1
Toronto Brewing Co.Toronto2
Town BreweryWhitby2
Trade Craft Good Beer Co.?Belleville1
Trestle Brewing Co.Parry Sound2
Trunk Brewing Co. Toronto1
Twisted Ale Brewing Co.Mount Albert1
Versus Beer Co.NA1
Vimy Brewing Co.Ottawa3
Ward One Brewing Co.Guelph1
Waterfront Brewing Co.Orillia1
Wolfe Island Spring Craft BreweryWolfe Island2
Wood Brothers Brewing Co.North Glengarry1
Phase 1: Discovery and planning.
Phase 2: Confirmed location aquired, construction.
Phase 3: Brewhouse installation and licensing.


2017: Defunct: Union Jack Brewing Co.
2017: Merged: Sextant Craft Brewery under Lost Craft
2017: Defunct: Snowman Brewing Co.
2016: Defunct: House Ales
2016: Merged: Trafalfar Ales & Meads + All or Nothing Brewhouse
2016: Defunct: Garden Brewers
2016: Defunct: Practically Irish
2016: Defunct: Bentley Brewers
2016: Defunct: The Weather Brewery
2015: Defunct: Barn Door Beverage Co.
2015: Defunct: Turtle Island Brewing Co.
2015: Rebranded: King Brewery as Thornbury Beverage Co.
2015: Rebranded: Gateway Brewing Co. as Wild Card Brewing Co.
2015: Rebranded: Stock Pot Ales as Stalwart Brewing Co.
2015: Defunct: Beer Academy
2003: Merged: Kawartha Lakes Brewing under Amsterdam Brewing Co.
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