Published on August 18th, 2017 | by Allegra Swanson

Your 64: Edition VI

Your 64 – a weekly roundup of beer stories and news outside Ontario to inspire you for the 64 hours from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am – by Allegra Swanson.

As someone who’s a huge fan of the craft beer industry in Ontario, I have some beer education (shout out to Prud’homme L1!) and two paper certificates crowning me the beer mile champion (2016, 2017, nbd) but lack a role in the industry or how to properly explain the subtle terroir of the hops making up your IPA. Whatever.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

6 Beers Brewed for the Total Solar Eclipse

Come on, how could I NOT report on this top story? It’ll be the first time a total solar eclipse has passed from one coast to the other in nearly a century so brewers from Oregon to South Carolina are jazzed AF. Shout out to Yazoo Brewing (Nashville), a taproom I’ve been to in person, where their sour blonde ale was brewed with starfruit and a dozen cosmic hop varieties.

The Guantanamo Craft Beer Crew

No, you can’t buy it, but if Guantanamo is top on your list of hot vacation spots for 2017, they’ll be sampling it in the neighbourhood’s Oktoberfest. The Guantanamo’s Homebrewers Association has had about 60 members over the years with 15 active brewers. I can’t help but picture the epic scene where Steve McQueen makes moonshine in The Great Escape.

Beer Consumption is Falling in Japan

Asahi Breweries is the leader in Japan and their marketing manager has pretty much one of my favourite quotes I’ve ever heard about drinking beer. “The custom is getting lost,” said Matsuba, who says he enjoys a beer or two a day. “Beer can offer joy, happiness and smiles, and so everyone should try beer again.”

Finally: Someone made a beer that could prevent hangovers

That’s a click-bait title if I’ve ever seen one, but regardless, the design on the cans of these beauties is worth the click through. Also the “tantalizing” description of the Dogfish Head brew; “The flavor is best described as equal parts Bud Light Lime and salty ocean water.” Verdict? Yeah, no. A beer that could prevent hangovers isn’t and will never be a thing.

US Brewers Association Releases Mid-Year Report

There are a staggering 5,562 existing breweries in the States with another 2,700-plus in planning. [Note: Study reports that the number is closer to 10,000 in planning if including all those inspired by that RBC commercial where men with beards and plaid CAN become something, damn it!)

A Classic French Beer Cocktail Reborn

Or, “drink cheap beer, like the French.” While I think we can do better than Budweiser, I’m keen on the idea of this herby beer cocktail that you can actually mix in the can. Because it’s a fancy French cocktail with history back to the 1800s, it’s totally not trashy at all, at all I tell you.

Look at this: courtesy of tuatara brewery

Make this: Brussels sprouts and chorizo beer hash (Beer for breakfast? Yes. It is time.)

Listen to this: Don’t question this. Just click. You’re welcome.

Cheers to Your 64: This weekend I’ll be grazing the ever-changing grounds of Burl’s Creek for FEASTIVAL! I’m a big Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles fan, so I’ll be the nerd in the front row taking notes and missing Wintersleep during their live cooking demo. While the beer list seems a bit lacking, I’m intrigued at some of the distilleries present. Cheers, folks – enjoy your weekend!

Allegra Swanson @ayoungvoice

Your 2016, 2017 Toronto Beer Mile Champion. Manager, Planning & Development at The JUNO Awards. All around runner, knitter, canlit reader + all things craft beer.

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