Published on December 1st, 2017 | by Allegra Swanson

Your 64: Chill Out Edition

Your 64 – a weekly roundup of beer stories and news outside Ontario to inspire you for the 64 hours from Friday at 5pm to Monday at 9am – by Allegra Swanson.

As someone who’s a huge fan of the craft beer industry in Ontario, I have some beer education (shout out to Prud’homme L1!) and two paper certificates crowning me the beer mile champion (2016, 2017, nbd) but lack a role in the industry or how to properly explain the subtle terroir of the hops making up your IPA.

Here’s to the weekend; here’s to YOUR 64.

Rare Beer Club Review: Is it worth it?

As we coast into the holiday season, I’m sure that “cool delivery beer clubs” come to mind as potential gifts for the ones you love.

While this club, specifically, is a US based service, it’s a great review of these types of beer clubs and while the price tag may widen your eyes, usually these services really do hold up and offer you things you wouldn’t normally be able to track down at your local outlet of choice. (Unless you live in Edmonton and you shop at Sherbrooke Liquor. If so, f*ck you.)

Tainted Yeast Caused Left Hand Brewing to Dump $2 Million of Nitro Milk Stout, IPAs, Brewery Says in Lawsuit

When “pour one out for my homies” is taken TOO FAR.

Incredible realization of how much faith breweries need to put into their brewers and retail partners.


Meet Sister Doris Engelhard, the German Beer-Brewing Nun

If you’ve ever taken a prud’homme course, you’ll know that the first brewer was actually female. This bad-ass nun skips morning prayers on Brautag (brew day) and is currently the last surviving nun brewmaster in Europe.

Beer in Space: Budweiser Makes a Plan for Life on Mars

I was loathe to share this non-craft article on a highly regarded site such as this, but alas – this ridiculous story was all over the news. “On Dec. 4th, 20 Budweiser barley seeds and other beer ingredients will board a SpaceX rocket bound for the station.”

Yeah, hey folks while you’re at it, can you all pack up and just keep your whole company there? K, thanks.

Vinepair’s 50 Best Beers of 2017

What’s one thing no one gets tired of in November and December? BEST ________ OF 2017 LISTS! I promise I will only share one per edition leading into the holidays. Well… one of the best-of lists.

You know I love me some “gifts for beer lovers” lists. While these are all Stateside, may they serve as inspiration for the next time you head south.

Look at this: stunning bottle and photo of this American Thanksgiving pairing of Dark Star Imperial Oatmeal Stout from Fremont via @craftnotcrap

Make this: Wintry and boozy “beer old fashioned”

Listen to this: Feeling melancholy at work and just want to put your head and get shit done? GOOD THING IT’S THE WEEKEND! But seriously: the soundtrack for A Handmaid’s Tale is reminiscent of The Social Network soundtrack but with more feeling and less synth. Incredible score.

Cheers to Your 64: This weekend my love for beer will take me from backyard campfires tasting Sam & Dave’s Christmas beer from Eastbound Brewing Co., to cheap and thirst-quenching “nothing” beer (yes, in 355 mL cans) while I paint my cousin‘s new house, to post–race celebratory beers after the Tannenbaum 10K; a race in the Beaches my running group organizes every year. Swing by Kew Beach Sunday morning and you’ll catch me calling out instructions and cheering as the emcee. Stay posted for next week’s special feature: boozy gifts you never thought you needed (and probs still don’t) but should ask for for Christmas. Cheers!

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